Terrance McQuewick is Ari Gold's former partner and boss at the Terrance McQuewick Agency (TMA). A major recurring character in Entourage, Terrance is the father of Sloan McQuewick and for most of the time, a nemesis of Ari Gold until they made peace later on.

Pre-Series Edit

A high school dropout, Terrance is a very powerful figure in the industry and one who has been able to make or break careers.

At some point, Terrance married; the marriage eventually ended with a divorce but also produced Terrance's daughter Sloan McQuewick. Terrence became an agent for representatives of the film industry in Hollywood and in 1971, Terrance formed the powerful TMA, declaring his mantra was that "every client should be represented by every agent in the building." By Terrance's account, Arthur Jensen was the first, who conspired behind Terrance's back, and currently sells auto insurance in Resada, LA.

TMA was eventually joined by ambitious up-and-coming agent Ari Gold, who befriended Terrance and became a partner in the prestigious agency. Prior to the series, Terrance married Melinda Clarke and retired from his position in TMA, leaving it all in the hands of Ari, who runs the company for the next eight years.

Entourage Edit

However, in Season 2, Terence returns from retirement, eager to reclaim his company and leadership, leading to several confrontations with Ari, and ultimately the termination of Ari's partnership agreement.

In Season 3, Terrance offers Ari a settlement of $11 million, but refuses to pay when he learns via one of Ari's former subordinates that Ari will use the money to form his own rival agency.

He doesn't appear again in the series until late in Season 6, when he pays Ari a visit at Miller Gold and asks him to buy TMA. Ari accepts the offer, but for a price lower than Terrance wanted after learning he has been cheating on his wife, Melinda Clarke. When Terrance puts an additional contract clause into the buyout, which would keep the company name as Terrance McQuewick Agency so as to preserve Terrance's legacy, Ari furiously drops the deal because Terrance did not inform beforehand about this.

Terrance visits Ari to tell him he specifically wanted him to buy TMA and that he regretted firing Ari years before; Ari indirectly demands Terrance's apology for firing him, citing how they used to be friends before Terrance returned and temporarily destroyed Ari out of bitterness and jealousy, whereas Terrance says that he couldn't handle Ari's ego and salary demands. Terrance indirectly apologizes by telling Ari that he wants him to buy and lead TMA for the next 50 years. The two men put the past behind and Ari signs the purchase papers.

In Season 7, the engaged E and Sloan plan their wedding and Terrance tries to make E sign a pre-nuptial agreement. In the final season, he threatens to kill E because he sired a child with Sloan, upon learning about it from Vince.

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