Seth Green (born February 8, 1975) is an American actor, who plays a fictional version of himself in Entourage.

Entourage Edit

First appearing in the Season 3 episode "Strange Days," Seth first meets Eric at the sky bar above a Beverly Hills hotel. He eventually finds out that E dated Sloan - with whom he claims he had a relationship years before the events of the series. The gang fights Seth and his group in the episode "Vegas Baby, Vegas!" because E could no longer tolerate Seth's arrogance and provocative requests to pass a message to Sloan. Seth makes his last series appearance in the season 5 episode "Seth Green Day" where he he plays tricks on E, who is asked by his new client Charlie Williams to introduce Green to the script of a new TV series in which Charlie is cast and potentially cast him as he is wanted by the network executives. Green eventually arrives at the meet and is cast. Things take a more personal turn when Seth is attacked by Charlie, who was just threatened by Seth about his own role being recast with Nick Cannon. Seth is then passed over for a role in Charlie's TV show. 

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