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Phil Rubenstein is a producer of films such as Shrek and Madagascar, with it he earned the title of being the "Animation King". After Vincent Chase's Aquaman opening, Phil contacted Ari Gold for a meeting in order to revive Medellin. He was portrayed by Bruno Kirby.

Phil meets with Vincent at a party about the movie, and Dom joins in the conversation. After hearing Dom tell a story about Vincent, Phil agrees Vincent would be perfect as Pablo Escobar. Vince almost lost the film because Dom stole Rubenstein's Shrek doll.

Phil is the father of Nick Rubenstein (who ends up producing the Medellin film). The reason he did not return in both season 3.5 and season 4 for Medellin, was the actor Bruno Kirby died of cancer during the fall of 2006 just after season 3.0 part 1 finished airing.


  • This is the second time a fake producer has died after being aired in a season. The first was Scott Wick.



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