Dom is a recurring minor character in Entourage and appears in the follow film of the same name. He was a former member of Vince's entourage who served 5 years in jail for drug possession and assaulting a cop, something Vince felt deeply guilty about, since it was his joint that Dom was holding.

Dom was portrayed by Domenick Lombardozzi.


One of the gang's old friends from New York, Dom first appears in the Season 3 episode "DOMinated," when the gang mistakes him for a burglar at their house. It is revealed that Dom was paroled after serving five years in jail for drug possession and assaulting a police officer - something that still makes E doubt he can reform his ways. Although the gang is initially happy seeing Dom out of jail, save for E, who suspiciously believes Dom is taking advantage of Vince because of Vince's fame and success (even more suspicious after Dom proposes a screenplay about his life behind bars), they feel he has overstayed his welcome when he takes over Turtle's job as driver and becomes the cook instead of Drama, not to mention having annoyingly loud sex with various women many times in the house. However, Vince hires him as head of security, believing he owes him because it was Vince's joint that Dom was holding at the time of his arrest, though E believes it isn't Vince's fault and that Dom went to prison because he assaulted the police officer.

Things come to a head in the following episode "Guys and Doll" when movie financier Phil Rubenstein. threatens to cut funding for the movie Medellin unless a Shrek doll stolen the night before is returned to him. The gang discovers that Dom stole the doll and Vince lets him go, giving him the Hummer and an apartment as a "severance package" with which to set up his life.

Dom's last appearance in the series is in the season 5 episode "ReDOMption," when he is featured in a high-speed chase on the LA freeway with police over mistaken assumptions about his mother-in-law's medical marijuana. Vince later learns Dom used his "severance package" to run a limo service and is raising a family. E bails Dom out despite skepticism over his apparent failure to change his life. A remorseful Dom tells his wife about his legal troubles; she leaves him, following through with a promise to do so if he ever went to jail again. E states that he will talk to the parole board when Dom is eligible for parole, which, according to Turtle, is not until 2020.

Entourage 2015Edit

He is still in jail by the time of the movie's events, delighting in Drama's video gaffe being aired on TMZ. 


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Season 5Edit

Entourage (2015) (cameo)


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