Dom was a former member of Vince's entourage who served 5 years in jail for drug possession and assaulting a cop. Vince felt deeply guilty about this, since it was his joint that Dom was holding.

Dom was portrayed by Domenick Lombardozzi.

Season ThreeEdit

Dom reunited with his friends after being paroled. Dom was hired briefly by Vince to be his head of security, but was fired by Vince after he stole a Shrek doll which was of sentimental value from the house of movie producer Phil Rubenstein. The entourage returned the doll anonymously and without incriminating Dom for it, but decide to let Dom go from the "entourage." Dom was given the Hummer and an apartment as a "severance package" with which to set up his life.


Season 3Edit

Season 5Edit


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