Billy Walsh is an egotistic independent film director who directed Vincent Chase in Queens Boulevard and Medellin. Billy also received a 25 picture deal to film pornography under the name Wally Balls. He is portrayed by Rhys Coiro.

Billy has a mercurial, intimidating personality, which comes from his early success as the youngest director ever to win the Sundance Film Festival. He also claims to paint. According to interviews on the season 2 DVD, Billy is mainly inspired by Entourage writer Rob Weiss and Vincent Gallo and secondly another indie director Quentin Tarantino. Billy is from a wealthy family having grown up in New York suburb of Scarsdale and his exposure to Queens is limited to a supermarket his father owned there. (Weiss is from the wealthy, predominantly Jewish Five Towns area of Long Island). While he thinks of himself as an artist and shows scorn for the studio system (He yells "Fuck commerce!" at a press meeting for Queens Boulevard), he also hoped to sell Medellin to a studio that could win him an Oscar. However at Cannes Medellin flopped; when the credits roll he goes on to insult French people in the audience, though for the somewhat noble cause of demanding respect for the crew of the movie. He and Vincent will be making SILO, the replacement of Lost in the Clouds film. Billy has been working on an unfinished screenplay specifically written for Vincent which he has yet to have finished, it was mentioned in neighbors episode of season 2.

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