"Aquamansion" is the third episode of the second season of Entourage.


Vincent Chase considers buying Marlon Brando's old house, an extremely expensive Hollywood house, but after seeing the Aquaman costume, Vince is convinced it is a terrible idea to do the movie, especially because he doesn't want to play a "cartoon character," and Johnny 'Drama' Chase is thrilled to find out his lifelong ban from the Playboy Mansion has been lifted.


Primary CharactersEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Daniel Booko as Frat Guy
  • Amanda Tepe as Mac Asst. Manager
  • Pauly Shore as himself
  • Hugh Hefner as himself
  • Danny Masterson as himself
  • Ralph Macchio as himself
  • Adam Green as Frat Guy
  • Stephen Keys as Guard
  • Yorgo Constantine as Guest List Guy
  • Holly Madison as Playmate
  • Kendra Wilkinson as Playmate
  • Bridget Marquardt as Playmate
  • Stacy Fuson as Girl at PJ Party
  • Patricia McCormack as Realtor

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